Criza din Ucraina

Three simple ways to get started today.


…the morning when the war started in Ukraine. A few hours after the news about the bombing we received a phone call to host one family. They were already on the road towards Cluj. We knew in the moment that we have to get ready!


Our desire was to offer housing and food for at least 50 people for long term in Cluj and to help many others in transit towards other European countries. We already had 97 people staying with us for 2-3 days to a week. We rented 10 apartments with the possibility of hosting 42 people: 7 apartments were brand new (and still under construction) so we had to finish installing doors, sinks, buy furniture and do a deep clean. They are all ready to receive the new guests.


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For everyone staying in our houses we deliver food for breakfast and dinner – we make sure they have all they need to cook for their family. Lunch is more then just lunch – all this people from different apartments come together and we spend 2-3 hours eating, sharing, getting to know each other, hearing their story. Every day we provide food for about 50 people: we cook four days, and three days a week we receive food from different restaurants.


Our team offers transport for people from the border (5 hours drive) when needed. Sometime families cannot cross with the car because of missing papers, or the husbands drives them to the border and they need a way to get to Cluj.